Travel Clothes Affiliate Program

When you were five, you learned to share the crayons.

When you were sixteen, you learned to share the car keys (unfortunately).

Today, share the best travel clothes for women in the world with your readers and make money – risk free

Anatomie is a leading women’s travel wear company, and we want YOU to join us! Risk free. We do all the work, and you make the money. Sounds easy enough, right?


20% Commissions on all web sales

In a nutshell, Anatomie is designer wear that you can actually wear. Our success is founded on the principle that Anatomie’s travel clothes for women, “travel” better than other designer clothing. Our pieces are durable, wrinkle-free, lightweight, and not to mention stylish! The creators of Anatomie, Kate and Shawn Boyer, have designed each and every piece sold. A great deal of time, care, and love goes into each product design, making each style more unique than the rest. Loving Anatomie yet?


Turn your blog into money

If so, you should consider becoming a member of our Affiliate program. All we want you to do is place our ads or pictures on your awesome website. Or you can turn any image or text into an Affiliate hotlink. When someone clicks on it, comes to our web site, and buys something, you get 20% of the sale. It is that simple. Anatomie’s average sales price is $350. Are there dollar signs in your eyes yet?

Once you are a member of the Anatomie Affiliates, you will have access to up to date statistics at all times: how many people clicked on the logo/ad, how much was purchased, and how much you are getting paid. You will also have an array of banners and pictures you can use on your site to keep things interesting!


We would love to have you on our team! Check out the program at:


The Anatomie Team