The evolution of Anatomie’s designer travel pants begins with the infamous Madonna pants. Why Madonna you ask? Rumor has it that Madonna was seen wearing these! (We loved this rumor and ran with it).

These designer pants are the first of four Anatomie cargo pants and have been on the line since 2005.


The Madonna Profile

These modern cargo pants are low rise with a wide flair leg. If you’ve been looking for designer pants that flatter your sexy curves then the Madonnas need to be added to your shopping cart this instant! These awesome cargo travel pants sit right on the hips and have four large pockets. But don’t you worry! Here at Anatomie, we want our clients to look as sexy and chic as possible. That is why our cargo pockets are flat, unlike your typical bulky cargo pants. Stick your credit card and lipstick in the Madonna pockets without having to worry about adding volume to your beautiful shape.

The Madonna pants come in XS-XL and in the 4 Anatomie colors: black, navy, grey, and khaki. Special colors are introduced with specific seasonal trends, so check regularly for the latest! Once our customers find their favorite Madonna pants, they tend to get them in EVERY color. Join this trend…you know you want to ;)


Why Should You Buy Madonna Designer Travel Pants?

All of our pants are made from Italian micro fibers that are stretch woven. What does that even mean? Basically, our pants are amazing. Stretch woven fabrics do not shrink, fade, or peel. Remember those black pants you bough a couple of years ago? Can you even tell they are black anymore, or have they moved on to become “those faded grey pants” you bought a couple of years ago? With Anatomie fabrics, you can ensure that your black pants will stay black!

“I have had the same Anatomie pants for 7 years that I wear several times a week and the color has yet to fade. I don’t worry about anything with these pants! I love that I can actually wear them, and they will not just hang in the closet for years.”Kate Boyer

In addition, our pants are UV protected. In other words, the Madonnas will give you comfort, durability, and style.

When Would You Wear Madonna Pants?

These are the perfect designer “go-to” pants for running around to get the kids after school. Their durability makes these great travel pants as well. With a price of $179, the Madonna pants are cheaper than designer jeans, but pricier than regular work out pants. This makes them perfect transitional pants from a gym work out to the rest of your day.




To Be Continued…

The Madonna pants have inspired us to create several more Anatomie pants. Stay tuned for the next chapter in Anatomie’s Evolution: Designer Travel Pants.