“Hey Anatomie, if you take the pockets out, I can wear these to dinner!” And the evolution of Anatomie’s designer travel pants continues with the classic Paola pants.


Once again, our Anatomie customers had an amazing idea. Turn our cargo pants into dress pants! With that, Shawn and the Anatomie design team put together a beautifully slim cut tradition dress pants with a slight boot flair. However, this is not your usual boring “dress pant”. The Paola designer travel pants are made from our infamous Anatomie fabrics. In other words, the functionality that you got from the Anatomie cargo pants is not lost in this sophisticated version.

Many Anatomie addicts are known for wearing the Paolas to work out, and then making their way to dinner with no sweat stains in sight. The picture below shows one of our customer wearing the Paolas for her gyrotonics work out!

The Paola pants are a crowd favorite. Want to know why? They are, in fact, period proof! That’s right ladies; these will be your go-to designer pants during that dreaded time of the month. The Paolas are light and stretchy meaning they will never bother you no matter how bloated you are. They are especially great if you are traveling because you will never feel like you’re wearing stiff dress pants.

“One time, I was traveling to Europe and I was wearing jeans because my Anatomie pants were dirty. I lasted a total of 10 minutes with those jeans. I couldn’t stand wearing jeans on planes! So I went to bathroom and changed into my Anatomie Paola pants even though I had already worn them several times that week. It was such a relief.”- Kate Boyer

Wear these to work, to the gym, to airports, and know the Paolas will be there for you no matter what time of the month it is!



The Story Continues…

The evolution of Anatomie’s designer travel pants is not over yet! Continue with us on this journey and learn more about your favorite Anatomie styles.