Anatomie Travels the World with a Special Blogger

We recently contacted Emily Starbuck Crone, writer and founder of the travel blog Maiden Voyage, to see if we could get her hooked on Anatomie’s designer travel clothes. And did we succeed? I think so!

As a blogger for “20-something travelers”, Emily was not the type to spend a lot of money of clothes….as we all are at this age. However, she has recently come to realize that investing in well-made clothing is actually a great thing! Her clothes last longer and she gets “more bang for my buck”.



Emily agreed to review Anatomie’s designer travel clothes on her recent trip to Ireland and has since become an ultimate fan! Check out her amazing article HERE.


I was really happy to find that the clothes not only look chic, but as advertised, they are light, comfy, and flattering.  I think I’ve found my favorite new brand of travel clothing!” – Emily


Having Fun in Anatomie

Emily wore Anatomie’s infamous Madonna pants paired with our very comfortable Cozy cover up. She looks like she’s having so much fun wearing Anatomie travel clothes!






Anatomie Loves the Jetsetters.

Thanks again for taking Anatomie on your amazing trip, Emily!

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