Anatomie’s Packing Tips and Tricks

We’ve all been faced with the dreaded traveler’s dilema…too many clothes, too little space! Well, what if we told you that Anatomie’s designer travel pants could save you time and space? We introduce you to Anatomie’s 10 Minute Travel Pants…you will never go back to your old ways again!


Wash and Wear in 10 Minutes

Let’s talk time ladies. Time is precious and should not be wasted, especially when traveling the world as you do. With Anatomie’s designer travel pants you can wash and wear in a grand total of 10 minutes. How is this even possible? Very simple…take 1 minute to wash your pants in the hotel sink with Woolite, 1 minute to rinse, then blow dry for 7-8 minutes. Just use you hair blow dryer or the one in the hotel drawer.

Here is a tip; the best way to blow dry them is to simple stick the blow dryer up the pant legs and let the flow through them.

Or you can simply wash and rinse them, then hang them up to dry over night.

You will have clean, ready-to-wear designer pants in the blink of an eye! This is only possible with Anatomie’s high-end European fabrics due to their resistance to moisture and quick-dry feature.


3 Designer Pants for 2 Weeks of Traveling

Now let’s talk space. We all want more space for our laundry list of must-have travel fashion. But with Anatomie’s fabulous 10 Minute Travel Pants, you will only need 3 pairs of designer pants for a 2 week trip! Imagine all the shoes you can fit now ;) With Anatomie’s wash and wear possibilities, you can re-wear your favorite travel pants in a matter of minutes.

Enough wishing and dreaming for more luggage space! Shop Anatomie and we can make your travel wishes come true.