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Andrea Ward has become Seattle’s fashion icon through her passionate vision on women’s fashion and style. She began her journey on the East coast where she opened up her own up-scale boutique in Southbury, Connecticut, which was full of fabulous collections from Anne Klein II, Portfolio for Perry Ellis, and Ralph Lauren. Staying true to her fashion roots, Andrea continued her successful journey as a VP of Sales for a German Ready to Wear Company, which ultimately led her to open up a second store for which she was honored the Small Business Award and the Noteworthy Woman Award. Talk about a fabulous woman!!! Andrea is now a fashion social media queen in Seattle with her own radio show and awesome Concierge of Style website and blog. Read our amazing interview with her below!

What makes Anatomie different from other designer brands?

There are three things that really made me fall in love with the Anatomie brand. It really defines a woman’s shape and silhouette, it allows your style to peer through while giving it structure, and it truly polishes and glistens your personal style. I also love that the fabric stretches and never challenges your body. It compliments your body in every way!


Where would you wear Anatomie?

I’m going to give you a one word answer…everywhere! You can really wear Anatomie anywhere you go because it can be brought up for a fabulous dinner or dressed down for a casual Starbucks meeting with a friend. The versatility that Anatomie’s travel wear has is electrifying! It illuminates the woman in a feminine yet sexy way.

Any other thoughts on Anatomie’s Travel Clothes for Women?Andrea Ward - Seattle's Fashion Icon

Yes! I really just love how Shawn and Kate are so body conscious.That is so hard to find in the fashion industry, you have no idea! The way their pieces fit a woman’s body is truly reflecting of how well they know their customer. I also love the shades of earth tones, grey,  and black of course because they accent them with beautiful yellows, pinks, reds. These accents incorporate themselves with the deep shades without being stark. I know that my following here in Seattle will fall in love with the Anatomie line, and I am very excited to tell the world about these beautiful clothes!


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