Travel Blogging Love

Nora Dunn Travels AnatomieWe have recently teamed up with one of the industry’s TOP travel bloggers, Nora Dunn, from The Professional Hobo to make a difference in the lives of those in need. After giving Anatomie a stellar review, Nora obviously became an Anatomie Addict. We are now putting our travel-crazed brains together and partnering up for an amazing charity event: Passports with Purpose. Are you in on the latest? Read on….

Nora Dunn: The Professional Hobo

Have you ever had the urge to let everything go and travel the world? But have you ever had the courage to do it? Nora Dunn is one of the few gems in the travel blogging industry that is truly devoted to experiencing life through adventure.

After getting in contact with The Professional Hobo, we sent her one of  our beautiful blogger packages, and she decided to take Anatomie on an endurance test…do you think we passed?


Nora Dunn Travels AnatomieNora wore our Monika dress, Cargo Capris, and Cosima Cover Up from “chilly alpine Europe to humid Caribbean summer”, and guess what? We became her new FAVORITE travel wear brand.

And the Journey Continues

After several months of testing Anatomie’s travel clothes for women, she decided to join the family as an Affiliate Member (all travel bloggers should join!). She has has spread the Anatomie love to all of her fans and continues to open up new doors in our partnership. Can you tell we are crazy about our Professional Hobo?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we dive into our latest endeavor…Passports with Purpose.