‘Tis the Season

As you read in Part 1, Anatomie has been working together with top travel blogger, Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo, to give back during the holiday season. We are donating $650 worth of Anatomie travel clothes to Passports with Purpose. You know you love it!


More on this Amazing Charity

Passports with Purpose, founded in 2008, is a great organization that brings together travel bloggers to give back to the places they have been fortunate enough to experience. They started out by raising $7,400 for  Heifer International (another amazing organization that is working to end hunger and poverty). From there, Passports with Purpose has grown into a community that has built a school in Cambodia, an entire village in India, and two libraries in Zambia. Talk about getting things done!


Water for Haiti

This year, its mission is to raise $100,000 to build wells in Haiti through another wonderful organization, Water.org. They are teaming up with Haiti Outreach to build and rehabilitate wells in Boucan Carre and Mirebalais – which serve more than 7,400 people. With the help of everyone involved in Passports with Purpose, they will build 5 wells that count towards the ultimate goal of 20 wells in 18 months.


Donate and Win Fabulous Prizes!

Passports with Purpose teams up with travel bloggers to round up amazing prizes for those who wish to donate. It’s so easy! All you have to do is donate $10 for every prize you’re interested in winning; your name then goes in the hat for that prize.

On December 11th (at 11:59 EST) when the donations close, a winner will be randomly chosen for each prize. Winners will be notified on or around December 18th.

If you love Anatomie and want to give back make sure you GO HERE and donate $10. Check out all the amazing Anatomie travel wear you could win ($650 value)!


Tiffany Wide-Leg Travel Pants

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Want more information? Visit The Professional Hobo and read all about her personal experience with Passports with Purpose.

Click here to start donating and start winning!