Looking for Designer Clothing at a Reasonable Price?

Why pay up to 6 TIMES more for a leather jacket with a Gucci label when you can get Anatomie’s ultra chic Loretta leather jacket for much much less? With this Anatomie gem, you get the same quality and a more structured and feminine look! What more could you ask for?


Gucci Belted Blouson Jacket vs. Anatomie Loretta Leather Jacket

Now, let’s get down into the dirty details of these two designer leather jackets.


Anatomie Loretta Leather Jacket

Anatomie Loretta Leather Jacket

Gucci Belted Blouson Leather Jacket

Gucci Leather Jacket

Materials: Both use 100% leather! Anatomie’s Loretta Jacket is made from lambskin leather and is also combined with functional stretch lycra panels that allow the jacket to show off your feminine curves…not to mention you can actually move in it! (No stiff leather please).

Details and Look: The Gucci jacket has some gold details that give it a more daytime biker feel to it, while Anatomie’s Loretta Jacket has simple zipper details that give it a more modern and edgier day OR night-time feel. Many of our customers will even wear the Loretta Jacket as a top! They pair it with the perfect skinny jeans, some boots, and they are ready for a night out on the town.

Price (the best part!): Are you really looking to spend $3750 for a Gucci jacket when you can get the same quality and better fit for only $550? I think we have ourselves a winner everyone!

Save your wallets and buy yourself the best and most affordable designer travel clothes for women out there! Your closet and your bank account will be much happier :)