Armani Ready-to-Wear Short Dress or Anatomie Monika Travel Dress?

Once again, we put Anatomie to the test against one of the top 10 designer brands in the world: Emporio Armani. European fabrics? Check. Functional? Check. Stylish? Double Check. Price tag? WE WIN!


Best Designer Travel Dress Out There

When comparing Armani’s Short Dress from its Ready to Wear collection to Anatomie’s Monika Travel Dress, we couldn’t help but brag about all the amazing qualities our dress has over this overpriced designer style.



Emporio Armani Short Dress

Armani Short DressWhy would you ever pay $795 for a designer dress when you can get the same quality, better style, and extreme durability with our Monika Travel Dress for only $175? That’s more than 1/4 of the price! Not to mention, our European fabrics are actually user-friendly…quick dry, wrinkle free, lightweight, and form fitting. In other words, you won’t be afraid to wear this beautiful designer travel dress on your next outing!

Add the Monika Travel Dress to your Spring Break packing list and you will be the queen of the island.