She is Chic, She is Driven, and She is Here to Stay

Meredith McNamara Joins AnatomieWe are very pleased to announce our latest addition to the Anatomie Executive Team, Recruiting Specialist, Meredith McNamara!

Meredith comes to us from a long line of recruiting women to work in in the direct sales end of Designer Fashion. She was both a Top Seller and District Manager at W by Worth. After that she became a Regional Manager at Etcetera winning numerous awards for her recruiting of successful sellers in NJ, PA, NY, and DE. She was then promoted to National Recruiter and began recruiting women nationwide to own their own businesses by selling the brand.

Is she awesome or what??


She is now a proud member of the Anatomie family and is here to help us grow our salesforce in target locations across the country. We are so excited to have her on the team and are thrilled about this expansion!


To quote Meredith:

“Shawn Boyer had my Linked In profile sitting on his desk, and at the same time my friend Robyn Katcher Molk from Canyon Ranch in Arizona was telling me about this ‘almost to good to be true’ product: ‘It’s like Prada met Lululemon’ he said to me. It’s how women dress everyday. A much needed niche in the direct sales marketplace.”

Talk about the universe bringing us together!


Want to Join Meredith on our Great Expansion?

Of course you do…and here’s why:

  • Our factory is in Europe (Budapest, Hungary) NOT China. So our quality for the price is excellent.
  • We use French and Italian fabrics.
  • We have no sample sets or start up costs.
  • We give you our inventory to sell at trunk shows which can take place in a home or at an upscale club, fitness center, salon, hotel  (the right places are key!)
  • We develop a unique personal website for you to sell our product to your clients whenever you wish.
  • We will not over saturate the marketplace. We want you to be successful! One sales rep. per location. It’s all about you!

With these great benefits, you could never say no the Anatomie life.

To see where Meredith is targeting and find out more about the “Profile of Woman” we are  looking for read her write up HERE.

It might not be you, but it might be someone you know in one of these locations!

Feel free to contact Meredith or to shop with her at