We’re Not Talking Tops Ladies!

Have you ever put on that perfect pair of pants? You know the ones – they hug you in all the right places and fit you like a designer glove. It all looks fine and dandy in the mirror until you do THE turn. You peek to make sure the caboose is just as good-looking but your fashion-conscious eyes begin to burn at the sight of the dreaded panty-lines! It’s the sauce stain on your white silk blouse, the chip on your freshly manicured nails, the wrinkle…well, you get the point.

Visible panty-lines are a NO GO – they will unfortunately ruin anyone’s look no matter how classy you look from the front. So let’s fix this shall we?


The Science Behind Anatomie Travel Pants


What underwear to wear with Anatomie travel pants!Do you know the trick behind finding the perfect size for your Anatomie travel pants? Since our fabrics stretch, you will find that a smaller size will actually give you the dream fit. They will feel a bit tight when you first put them on, but after a few sit-downs they will mold to your figure and ultimately become the best-fitting pants you have EVER owned.

Now, because they will be form-fitting…you gotta check for the trace of the panty-line. You want that seamless look, right?


Let’s Fix the Trunk!

The easiest option would naturally be to wear a thong-type of underwear because it will not disrupt the beauty of the fit. However, not all of us love to wear this type of underwear…some of us want to be extra comfy, ok? For these ladies, we suggest you explore the world of seamless underwear – they are thin, they cover you up, and they don’t show up to the Anatomie pants party that they were NOT invited to!

Below are a few of our personal favorites. Check them out, try them on, and let us know which ones paired the best with your go-to Anatomie travel pants.


 The World of Seamless

Victoria’s Secret has an entire line devoted to the seamless lovers! They are designed with adorable prints and will blend smoothly with your Anatomie pants. Check it out HERE.

Calvin Klein has also made some cool little boy shorts with raw edge seams meaning they too will save you from the dreaded panty-line fashion crime. Click HERE to pick your favorite!

Soma Intimates has a wonderful “Vanishing Edge” line of underwear filled with pretty colors, patterns, and feminine lace. Give it a go and browse around HERE.

Our last tip of advice is to try seamless thongs. The way they are cut and made actually make them the most comfortable version of thongs out there. They are perfect for vanishing panty-lines, and they are so great that you will forget you had them on.

Now go show yourself off in those awesome Anatomie pants!