How to Wear Anatomie Pants All Day!

We know our Anatomie gals are little busy bees running around all day getting things done. So who in their right mind has time to change outfits three times a day to look appropriate for errands, lunch meetings, and date nights? Definitely not us! This is why Anatomie’s Susan Skinny travel pants are a must-have in your closet. Pair them with a simple tank for morning errands, add a light jacket for lunch with the girls, and accessorize with a mesh top and heels for the perfect date-night look. You will look fabulous and ready to go no matter what the day brings!

Ditch the Sweats and Embrace the Skinnies

Just because you are running around from the grocery store, to dropping off the kids, to the bank does not mean you need to look frumpy while you’re at it. Let’s leave the sweats at home and ignite that sexy confidence with our Susan Skinnies. They are light-weight, very chic, and ridiculously comfortable – what more could you ask for? Running errands in a trendy look will make your day that much better…we promise!

Pair these travel pants with our simple Tatiana Tank and Bailey Mesh Jacket for the perfect “busy day” Spring look. Add some light sandals, shimmers of gold, and your go-to purse and you are ready to take on the world.


Anatomie Running Errands
Make the Girls Jealous

Got a surprise call from a friend to go to lunch? There’s no need to fret my friends. You will be lunch-date ready in five quick minutes! We all have to look good for our girls (it’s part of the code). And there’s always that subtle competition to look that much better than your BFF sitting across the table from you…don’t deny it! Follow our simple fashion guidelines and you will be sure to make everyone jealous of your sophisticated, effortless look.

Replace your Bailey Mesh for our sexy Femme Fatale, throw on your favorite wedges, and accessorize with some classy bling. Bring on the jaw-droppers!


Anatomie does Lunch with the Girls


Next Up: The Lover

You and your sweetie deserve a little R&R after a long day of work. Be prepared for the perfect date night in this sexy Anatomie outfit. Do the Skyler Skinnies STILL work? Well of course they do! The detailed zippers and high-end fabric make these a great option for dinner and a movie with your hubby. Not to mention you will feel sexy and comfortable at the same time – never thought you’d experience that, huh?

For this intriguing number, all you need to do is put on that sexy Buda Mesh Top! If you want to add a little glam, layer on our Mon Cheri  Honey Comb Travek Jacket. Don’t forget the pumps and lipstick ;)


Anatomie Date Night Look