Be the Boss of Your Wrinkles

We know you take care of those crow’s feet, but are you taking care of the crimps and creases in your clothes? You must be tired of those unavoidable wrinkled suits after long business trips. Looking drab and frumpy is never the way to go for our Anatomie businesswomen. That’s why we have created the ultimate wrinkle-free Anatomie Business Suit for your next meeting across the world. Our fabrics resist those pesky wrinkles like it’s their job so you can look fabulous doing yours.

The Business Pants

Our Paola Travel Pants are the best suit pants you will ever invest in. As you know, they are wrinkle-free, they are unbelievably comfortable, and the fit is mere perfection. With a mid rise waist line and slimming pant leg, you will look sophisticated and crisp as soon as you step off that airplane. Deals will be made in these must-have Paola pants! (Enter our Favorite Jeans Challenge and give the Paola’s a try.)



The Perfect Suit Jacket

As for the jacket, we want you to look classy but we also want to free you from that awful, constricting feeling you get from the stiff suit jackets you find in retail stores. Don’t waste any more time or money at the mall when you can get a long-lasting, feminine, chic jacket that is perfect for your business travels around the world. Try our Meshina Mesh Blazer and make a statement in your next meeting. This fitted mesh suit jacket will show off your confidence, style, and class.



The Top – Leave the Button Down at Home!

You can look business appropriate without wearing those ill-fitting button down shirts. Slick, feminine tops will compliment your business look in a stylish way. Let’s face it, button downs under blazers just look old-school. So as they say, “Out with the old, and in with the new!” Add our Buda Mesh top to your business attire collection and feel your confidence boost with this sleek look.




Putting these fabulous three pieces together gives you the ultimate Anatomie Business Look! Sharp, sophisticated, and chic. Get ready world, because Anatomie women are here to take over!