But it’s Summertime!

Yes, we know things are starting to warm up around here, but we can’t forget about our cold-weather enthusiasts! Traveling to Europe, South America, or even our very own Alaska during this time of year will have you wanting a nice, cozy designer travel jacket. Our Lady Lugano has been a hit with many of our customers from all over the world. The high-end Italian fabrics pair perfectly with our beautiful design and cut to give you the ultimate travel jacket.

Comfort, style, and warmth. You might as well add it to your winter wardrobe now! This is truly the best travel jacket out there. It forms perfectly to your body with our stylish diagonal zipper to give you both a jacket and a nice, chunky scarf. Zip it up all the way and you have yourself the best neck-warmer in the fashion world. Forget about bulky, ill-fitting winter jackets. Who says you can’t show off your curves in the snow?

Our electric blue fabric color will spice up the monotony in your winter closet – yea you know it’s all black! It pairs nicely with pretty much any color under the sun, and it will brighten up your coldest days in a second. Not to mention, the distinct shape of the jacket will add a touch of chic to any winter outfit – it’s that simple! Check out our outfit ideas below and you will see how easy it is to look stylish with our Lady Lugano Travel Jacket.


How to Style this Travel Jacket

This is an easy one! Anatomie’s Tori Turtle Neck, paired with our infamous Susan Skinny Travel Pants, and decorated with fun accessories and boots will make this your go-to outfit for any cold climate.