Goodbye Frumpy, Hello Designer

Why do women have to look sloppy on travel days? Why shouldn’t you look your best at all times? Here at Anatomie, we believe women-on-the-go should never have to sacrifice their style and looks. That’s why we created a brand new category of clothing for our lovely ladies: designer travel clothes. These travel clothes are not the frumpy sweat suits, jeans, and cargo pants you see frantically roaming around airports. These travel clothes are exquisite, comfortable, stylish, and very much wearable. They are the perfect blend of high-end designer clothing and everyday wear.

When we think “travel clothes”, words like bland, boring, shapeless, and cheap come to mind. We knew we had to change that mindset! Traveling means exploring new places, meeting new people, sealing that deal. Why wouldn’t we want to look fabulous while doing so? The designer aspect of our clothing gives you perfect fit, high-quality fabrics, extreme durability, and one-of-a-kind style.  Anatomie travel clothes epitomize our non-stop woman. She has power, she has style, and she knows how to wear both. So please join us in saying goodbye to the frumpy clothes you currently travel with, and say hello to the beautiful new travel pieces soon to be packed in your carry-on.


European Fabrics and Perfect Designer Fit

If this doesn’t sound like fashion heaven then I don’t know what does! Anatomie’s designer travel clothes are made with the finest French and Italian fabrics. But worry not ladies because these fabrics are not only rich and beautiful, they are some of the most durable fabrics in the industry. You know what that means, right? You can actually wear these designer pieces without having to worry about how delicate they are.

Probably the best feature of our fabrics is their ability to fight those pesky wrinkles. Sitting on an airplane for hours on end will leave you wrinkled up and messy. With Anatomie’s travel clothes, you can step off that long flight looking crisp, fresh, and ready to take on your adventure. This is perfect for our business travelers who need to look professional for their meetings around the world (check out our chic take on a travel suit).

Our amazing fabrics are also moisture wicking, meaning they are great for long travels and adventures. A lady always needs to look her best, and this moisture wicking ability will allow you to look glamorous at all times (sweat? what’s that?). You’ll also fall in love with how thin our pant fabrics are. This means that they weigh pretty much nothing! Talk about light packing. They also stretch to fit and mold to your exact body shape. No more saggy butts and awkward bagginess. Our team will even tailor your Anatomie pieces for free. This is true designer fit everyone!


Designer Style Galore

We don’t need to to look bland and boring when we travel, right? That’s why Anatomie has created styles upon styles with the perfect balance between comfort and femininity. We make it easy for you to look put together. Combine a few of our pieces to make multiple beautiful styles for week-long trips. Pack two pairs of Anatomie designer travel pants, a few of our tops, and either one dress or one jacket (depending on your destination weather) and you are ready to fly. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? More room to pack shoes! Take a look below at the pieces we would suggest packing. They are all neutrals and can be mixed and matched to create endless outfits.



“But what if they get dirty while I’m traveling?” Try our Hotel Wash and Wear technique for clean clothes in 10 minutes!

  1. Buy a small bottle of detergent from the local drug store
  2. Wash your Anatomie travel piece in the hotel sink for 1 minute
  3. Rinse it for 1 minute
  4. Blow dry for 7-8 minutes


It’s really as simple as that. This technique allows you to pack less and still look as glamorous as always as you jetset across the world. The designer travel clothes are truly made to last you a lifetime. Our amazing fabrics will not shrink or fade even after hundreds of washes. They are made with the highest quality and give you timeless style. These really are the ultimate travel clothes for women-on-the-go!