Shop, Pack, and Go!

What should I pack? What if I get cold at night? What if it rains? Should I pack dressy attire?

Don’t worry, we are all on the same boat when it comes to packing for summer vacations. There’s a universal sense of panic that comes over us fashionistas who want to pack a million what-if outfits…you know, just in case right? We’re afraid of getting to our vacation destination, unpacking, and realizing “I should’ve brought that one tank top!” Packing can certainly be stressful – how on earth do we pack light when we want to look chic for every possible occasion?

This is exactly why our team has come together to give you the ultimate summer packing checklist. No more worries, no more regrets! This simple list is made up of Anatomie’s best designer travel pieces that can be mixed and matched several different ways to create the perfect look for the perfect occasion. We’ve included several sexy jackets for both warm and cooler climates along with chic tops and our best-fitting travel pants. All you need to do now is shop, check off your packing list, and jet off to your summer destination.

Ready, set, go!