NetJets and Anatomie Prepare You for Any Trip

Anatomie has just renewed its partnership with the luxurious private aviation company, NetJets, for 2014. How exciting! But what exactly does that mean for you? How about some unbeatable travel packing guides! Oh yea! Wether you are planning an action-packed trip to Europe this fall or a relaxing Caribbean getaway to escape the winter chills, we have the perfect outfits to ease your hectic packing days. Want to know something even more exciting? Some of these packing guides include pieces from our exclusive new Fall Collection! Yes, keep jumping up and down with joy because our new fall pieces are absolutely irresistible. We advise you to begin the wallet preparations now so you can be ready for the launch of our new line in September (follow us on Facebook  and Twitter to stay updated on everything Anatomie).

The Packing Guides

We really could not have made this any easier for our rockin’ Anatomie girls. We have packing guides for anything and everything you can think of. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of trips we will prepare you for:

  • European Adventures
  • Golf Getaway
  • Hamptons Weekend
  • Island Trips
  • NYC/Business
  • Overnight Flights
  • African Safari
  • Ski Resorts
  • Yacht Cruise Voyage
  • Yoga Retreats

Yup, that’s right. We definitely got you covered! These packing guides are filled with the best designer travel clothes out there. Beautiful jackets for Europe and Ski trips. The best travel pants for hectic business and overnight flights. Chic travel dresses for luxurious weekends in the Hamptons and cruise getaways. And of course, our stylish tanks for the Anatomie yogis. Each packing guide provides you with 8 beautiful styles that you can mix and match to create numerous outfits fit for any trip you have coming up. All you have to do is fold, pack, and fly!

Click on the image below to enter the world of Anatomie Packing Guides…enjoy ladies!

Anatomie Packing Guides