Leather and Italian Knit. Need We Say More?

Our newest addition to the Anatomie designer travel jacket family is a top of the line leather coat that’ll make your fashion heart melt. As soon as you put it on, you feel like you are on top of the world – you are suddenly transformed into a chic, Euro-gal who knows the ins and outs of the style sphere. That new leather scent surrounds you and prepares you for the brisk fall day ahead. You know you’re in love already, so keep reading and get to know our Lexi Coat a little better!




All About Lexi – The Designer Dream Jacket

We know we all become dark-color-lovers in the winter months, which is why the Lexi comes in all black. However, for those of you who are dying to see a change in your closet, make sure to buy the Lexi coat in the tan/black option. The dark camel leather immediately warms up your outfit and gives you a refreshing glow. The Italian knit panels make this leather coat one of the most comfortable in the designer jacket world. Forget about feeling stiff or constricted! This coat gives you plenty of movement and breathing room so you can layer on your favorite sweaters and scarves underneath.





This designer coat falls just above or around mid-thigh, which we all know is wonderful during these cold months ahead. The more covered, the better right? You can pair the Lexi with one of new legging styles and throw on some knee-high boots to complete this look. The style and cut of this coat is classic yet chic at the same time so you can wear it for a lifetime. And you know how durable our fabrics are – so trust us when we say this is a must-have piece for the fall and winter seasons.