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Let’s Give this Fall Trend a Shot

You see over-the-knee boots come and go every year…and you wonder if you could ever pull them off? You find yourself at the end of the season promising you will give it a shot next year, but we all know it won’t happen. Well ladies, this is the time to give these suckers a try! Over-the-knee boots give you edge, confidence, and European-inspired style all in one. Who doesn’t want that? Yes, we know this might seem like a risky look. But with Anatomie’s designer pants and jackets, you will flaunt this fall trend like never before. Inspire yourselves with the looks we pulled together below, channel your inner glam goddess, and get to it!


Tips and Tricks to Wearing Over-The-Knee-Boots


  • Buy these puppies in a neutral color (preferably black) because you want to be able to wear them with as many things as possible…they are one of the pricier fall trends so you want to get that bang for your buck. If most of your closet consists of browns, taupes, maroons, and creams then definitely go for the brown boots. However, if you’re one of those girls that finds it hard to distinguish your favorite black shirt from that other favorite black shirt…then you know what color to go for.
  • Unless you day dream about dancing on the Vegas strip, we would suggest a low heel. Stiletto boots are daring and sexy but we should probably leave those for the Miranda Kerr’s of the world. Plus, who doesn’t love that extra comfort from lower heels? You want to be able to wear this fall trend without totally killing your toes, right?
  • Pair the over-the-knee boots with leggings or skinny pants to avoid any uncomfortable bulging inside the boot area. However, make sure you wear either a flowy top or a longer jacket in order to give this risky look a more classic, every-day feel. Check out our suggestions below!


The Bottoms

Pair those over-the-knee boots with any of our designer pants and leggings below to begin creating that perfect fall look! Do you like the Aida or Lori leggings? Or are you a Skyler Skinny gal?


Aida Leggings 


Lori Leggings


Skyler Skinny Pants



The Jackets

Finish off this trendy look with some of our favorite fall jackets. Remember, it is better to pair these boots with loose-fitting tops and/or long jackets in order to bring that look to the next level of class. Check out the fabulous options below!


 City Slick Long



Lexi Travel Jacket


Fia Travel Jacket