We are preparing to leave in September with our three young children for a long wander around the globe. We are starting in Italy and I wanted to have some clothes that could work for day to night. I found your site and I did the favorite jeans challenge because what could I possibly have to lose? I am very picky about pants and lines and drape, etc. I bought the Skyler Skinny Pants and I literally have not taken them off! I LOVE them. I took a picture for you but I can’t find an email to send it too. My daughter (in said picture) is named Bianca so she wants me to purchase the Bianca pants next! I plan to talk about your clothing in my blog (launching this week http://www.livology.com) at some point when it feels natural to do so. I just could not wait to tell you that you have made this mother of three’s life so much easier. I wear these pants with flats, heels, boots, and flip flops and a tshirt. I can’t wait to add another piece to my Anatomie collection! We are only bringing 5 carry on bags (one for each of us) so I want all my clothes to be as lightweight and stunning as my Skyler pants. With so much gratitude, Colleen (Bainbridge Island, Wa)

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Update on our trip:

We left with one way tickets and one carry on bag each for an around the world adventure on September 1st. I had to find one pair of pants that could serve as my one and only! I found them! They have replaced the 20 pairs I used to rotate through my closet. I have worn my Skyler Skinny pants to work out on the beach. I have worn my Skyler Skinny Pants to a beautiful Tuscan dinner with heels and I have worn my Skyler Skinny Pants to play at Hyde Park with my kids. I can’t get over how they work with tennis shoes, flip flops, ballet flats, heels, boots! They are my magic pants and without them, I would literally be carrying excess baggage, on this amazing journey. I am so full of gratitude and can’t wait for my Anatomie wardrobe to grow! Your clothes make it easy to feel great fast and as a mother of three, that is truly a gift!

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Colleen Mariotti