Isn’t that the same thing you gave her last year? Why would you do that?

Because you know you can’t really get in trouble for buying her jewelry. But jewelry is a cop-out, the cliché of gifts and she knows you put about as much thought into it as the card you picked out.

You buy expensive jewelry because it makes you feel good. But women are not like men, an intimate thoughtful gift means much more to her than expensive jewelry. When you buy her Designer Travel Clothes, it says “I think you still look beautiful.” It says lets go on an adventure together. It says you put some thought into it this year.

Have you ever bought her clothes? Really nice clothes? 99.96% of men have never even dared to venture into that world. Do you even remember the last time she opened a gift from you and was really, truly, genuinely surprised ? Do you remember that look on her face and how it made you feel?

Buying women’s clothing can be risky especially buying it on-line when she has never seen the clothes in person, touched the fabrics or tried them on for fit, size, and comfort. We get it, so we take all of the risk out of it for you, we offer free shipping and free returns with a prepaid return label in every box.

She will be far more impressed if you bought her a unique gift, something that she would have even bought herself, had she known about it.

Our creations are sophisticated and sexy, just like the women who wear them.

Anatomie’s collection draws inspiration from the most highly-regarded European fashion houses, and is designed to flatter the female form in a way that bespeaks class, elegance and style.

If it is not right for her for any reason, she can simply send it back for a refund, exchange, or whatever she wants.

Be different this year, she will notice and appreciate it.

We promise.

p.s. Use this code on your purchase “herbirthday” and we will do something a little extra special for her.