Over-packing has caused many travelers a huge headache due to excessive baggage fees. Due to this issue, many travelers have been in the search to finding smarter ways to packing lighter. Listed below are a few tips from Anatomie of how to pack smart and just right!


1. Make a checklist:

Make a list of all the items you might need for your destination.  Once you are confident your list is good, check the list twice and eliminate anything you don’t need.  By checking the list twice, we eliminate any over-packing.


2. Pick a color theme:

By packing articles of clothing in the same color theme, it can decrease the amount of things you bring. Use colorful accessories such as jewelry, scarves, belts, and etc, to change or mix up your outfits for every day on your trip.


3. Choose thin items over thick:

Jeans can weigh more than pants and khakis such as (Anatomie Pants), therefore increasing the weight of your luggage. Instead of packing a bulking sweater for your cold destination, choose thin sweaters or long sleeves to layer in.  You can always wear your hefty jacket or items on the plane to slim your suitcase. By choosing thin items over thick, you actually have packed more of your necessaries than anything else.


4. Packing smart:

By tucking small things into your shoes such as socks or scarves, there are two benefits to this small tip. First benefit is that you can fit more things into your suitcase, therefore maximizing more your already limited space. Second benefit is that your shoes will stay intact in your suitcase. This tip is useful because it will prevent your shoes from deforming, but also dismiss the huge dilemma to try and find room for them in the suitcase later on.


5. Roll it up:

Instead of folding, we must roll up all articles of clothing. By doing this, you are actually increasing the room in your suitcase and your clothes would appear wrinkle-fee. So roll it all up, there are great benefits to this simple tool.


I hope you find these 5 packing tips helpful for you to your upcoming destination.  If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask away.