Spring is here, and we’re more than excited to welcome sandals, flowy dresses and shorts once again. If, however, you’re a bit insecure about getting rid of those winter layers and showing off your figure, these three tips will come in handy:


1. Show less, but better. As soon as the first rays of sunshine come out, we feel like showing off some skin. While the general belief is that the more cleavage, leg or midriff you show, the sexier you look, we beg to differ: a well-fitting, good quality garment is way hotter than a tiny, sheer one! So when you go shopping this spring, consider the perfect fabric, color and fit rather than what is traditionally thought of as sexy.

Travel Clothes for Women

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2. “Trendy” is what suits you. If you follow fashion, you noticed that trends go just as easily as they come. Wearing everything that’s trendy might work for people like Paris Hilton, but it’s just not practical for us regular folks. On the one hand, buying everything trendy is super expensive. On the other hand, we don’t all have a model figure that can pull anything off. And one more thing: where are you going to store all that stuff once it goes out of style? The solution: only go with trends that suit you. You might like crop tops, but at a certain age they begin to look ridiculous. Pick style that flatter you and you’ll feel comfortable and sexy wearing them.


Travel Clothes for Women

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3. Healthy is sexy. Sure, getting a tan might be on your priority list for spring. Who wants to be all white when they undress to their swimsuit? However, we advise you to make a priority from protecting your skin, it’s so much more important in the long term! As soon as the thermometer starts going up, it’s time to use sunscreen. This way you’ll avoid those nasty sunburns and uneven tan. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses throughout the day – UV rays are as dangerous for the eyes as they are for the skin. And if you’re gonna be outside a lot, cover your head with a hat to protect you from insolation – there are so many cute style available!


Travel Clothes for Women

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