When it comes to traveling and finding the perfect travel dresses, many women find themselves in a bit of a predicament.  Many feel that you have to sacrifice your style in order to be comfortable on holiday, but that’s not true.

You can still wear the latest designer trends and travel dresses whilst on holiday and Anatomie has a great range of functional yet fashionable travel dresses that are perfect for traveling in. Not only are the materials light, wrinkle-free and quick to dry, they also cater for all your style needs.

A good tip to remember is that when it comes to creating a European wardrobe, quality is always more important than quantity. Also ask yourself this: do you want to buy sexy, fun and flexible designer travel fashion that you can add to your regular wardrobe?

Or opt for frumpy clothes that will will instantly alert the locals to the fact that you’re a tourist? The first one? Good, because we’re here to bring you our Anatomie’s Top 4 Travel Dresses that will ensure that you blend in when traveling, but also make a statement with your wardrobe.

The Monika Ballerina Dress




When it comes to a travel wardrobe, neutral colors and darker shades are always best. This ensures that you can easily mix and match your wardrobe, while also allowing for a little more forgiveness with dirt and stains.

The reason the Monika Ballerina dress is one of the must have travel dresses for your wardrobe is because of the simplicity of the cut, which lends itself perfectly to different settings. The short capped sleeves are flattering and if you’re like most women who don’t like their upper arms then this fit is the perfect remedy.

You will be able to wear this stylish travel dress on it’s own during the warm European summer days. Or when the cold sets in, dress it up with a statement blazer and bold accessories.

The Donatella Dress






When on holiday you always want to bring a little black dress with you because it’s really the key item to complete any woman’s wardrobe. The LBD is a timeless classic that has remained in style since it’s 1920’s debut with Coco Chanel.

The Donatella Dress is a great design that combines the on-trend translucent panels with the classic cut of a little black dress.  Modesty and sex appeal all-in-one, this bodycon is slim-fitting and flattering as it creates a sophisticated, feminine silhouette.

The color black also lends itself easily to a pop color, which you can incorporate with a statement necklace, a bright scarf to ward off the chill or a vibrant handbag. Whilst this dress may not be your typical choice for travel dresses, it is definitely a must-have piece for the evenings that you want to dress up and experience the local cuisine and nightlife.
The LA Dress



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 A maxi dress is great transitional piece and perfect for travelling because of its modest yet feminine fit.

The most appealing thing about this design is that you do not have to be a runway model to pull it off: with the right styling you can really be any shape and size and still look fashionable and ladylike in this piece.

The ankle-grazing style of this fashionable travel dress is comfortable, flattering and low-key, and the combination of grey and black asymmetrical lines only enhance this and accentuates your figure.

The maxi style is perfect for your day-time travel wardrobe, but you can also dress it up with a daywear blazer or a black leather jacket for an edgy sleek look that will also serve to protect you from the chill of the Northeastern winds.

The Vanessa Dress



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When it comes to your travel wardrobe opting for a collared, button-down shirt dress is always a smart idea. The Vanessa Dress is a versatile and classic piece that comes in options of either black or beige. In fact, this style will probably get you so much wear this season that you should even consider getting two.

This corporate-inspired cut lends itself well to layering, which can be done by wearing a pair of leggings for the cooler days of your travels or to produce a more conservative look; as well as a selection of outerwear such as cropped blazers and fitted trench coats. Finish the look off with ballet flats, gladiator sandals or comfortable wedge heels.

The sleeves are also flattering and provide a more conservative look – it is important to consider packing pieces that cover your arms and knees when travelling, because depending on your destination, some places will require you to cover-up before allowing entry to their religious monuments.

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