While most associate Africa with its impressive wildlife and stunning landscapes, the local cuisine is just as enticing. Satisfying the taste buds of even the most discerning traveler, tasting Africa’s spicy and exotic cuisine should be at the top of your bucket list in 2014. So which countries should be considered as a culinary gems filled with dishes that will surprise your palate at every bite? Anatomie has curated Africa’s top five “foodie” countries to discover on your next African adventure.


South Africa

South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation because of its multicultural heritage, and this is certainly reflected in the local cuisine. Many fabulous restaurants feature both traditional and modern South African food on their menus. Try local favourites such as spicy curries and bobotie or, for the more adventurous, indulge in a crocodile sirloin. And of course, wash everything down with world-class award-winning South African wine.


Located in North Africa on the Mediterranean, Algeria is a surprising foodie destination. Blending Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, Algerian cuisine produces culinary delights. You can expect lots of lamb, chicken and fish combined elegantly with spices and vegetables, usually served with couscous.

Moroccan chefs know how to spice things up! Although Morocco is famous for its tagine dishes, there is a wide array of delicious foods that reflect a multitude of influences, from the Ottoman Empire to the French. A favorite ingredient is preserved lemons to add a delightful and distinctive tang to many local dishes.


If you like spicy food, then Tunisia is the place to go. According to local legend, the more a wife loves her husband, the spicier she’ll cook his food! Tunisian cuisine blends Mediterranean influences with the traditional foods of the desert dwellers.  Try local spicy delights like Harissa, a hot red pepper sauce, that’s a favorite ingredient and condiment.


While Ghana might seem like a surprising entry on the list, this West African country is undergoing a foodie revolution. Fresh seafood from the Atlantic, a wide variety of crops and a history of perfectly spiced food – Ghana has all the ingredients for lavish dishes (not to mention funky cocktails using local brews). The up-market beach resort Lou Moon is definitely a foodie hotspot worth visiting.


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