Admit it; our wardrobes have their own season and the 2014 Spring Fashion Trend is no exception. Whereas in Winter, our closet is filled with dull, dark clothing to help us keep warm, Spring changes everything with the fresh, flourishing look of the trees and the flowers. We update our style’s color palette to make sure that we are in fashion, inspired by nature and the lovely things this new season offers us.

As we look out for the best new designs and color combinations, let’s check out Spring fashion trends that are always on style. Take a look and see which spring colors matches your skin tone and your personality:


Pastels.What is spring time without pastel colors? Whenever this season arrives, the first thing we look for is a set of pastel clothing to match the lighthearted hue of nature. It can be inspired from baby pinks, powder blues, mints and peach oranges. Yellows are like a ray of sunshine; one nice example would be Anatomie’s Selena Dress. You can opt to go with floral and other patterns with your pastel colored clothing. They work best for any skin tones.


Nudes and Neutrals. Muted colors come to life and into fashion! You can see them everywhere; because they’re so versatile, you can pair them with any kind of color. One thing you can do is use a fresh burst of color when wearing something neutral; it gives emphasis on a particular area of your entire ensemble. If you have chosen to go neutral with your dress, try on a jacket with an interesting 2014 Spring Fashion Trend, like the Morgan Ruched Jacket. If your blazer is more on the muted side, add some life into your style by wearing something catchier, like a brightly patterned blouse or a solid colored shoes or bag.


Greens. Greens are always a part of the Spring season. Emerald greens bring a warmer dose of energy that brightens up a rainy day. These types of hues are perfect for both black and white skin tones. Accentuate your wardrobe with a bright green blouse or jacket. On the other hand, Eucalyptus greens go on the minty side. They’re a bit muted, but still beautiful nonetheless. Dried Herb is an example, a perfect base that can be mixed and matched with any other color.


Turquoise. A sparkling color of gem that is a combination of green and blue, this lovely Spring color reminds one of ocean waves. A turquoise dress or a jacket is enough to catch anyone’s attention. However, don’t go too far by wearing everything in this bright color. Accentuate it with something lighter, like a pastel hue or a muted tone item.


Orchid. Pantone’s 2014 Spring Fashion Trends Color of the Year 2014 is a lovely dash of orchid, and we think it belongs to this set too! A blushing, demure hue, this is a nice tone for everyone who loves to look sophisticated, but with a spring of fun.




You may notice that our list contains strong and light colors. When choosing your Spring wardrobe, pair up possible clothes and see if they go well together. Your combinations may surprise you! Try to be adventurous and play up with your clothing style. It’s time to get a fresh new look, just as nature itself dresses itself into new colors!