When traveling it is always important to balance comfort and style. Sometimes combining these two can be a little difficult, especially when it comes to travel pants.

Women are constantly in search for the ideal travel pants. What are the ideal travel pants?  We’re talking about pants that are flattering, stylish, light-weight and versatile.

Luckily you have come to the right place. Anatomie has a wonderful range of stylish travel pants that are made from high-quality materials. They are quick-drying and lightweight and they come in a selection of practical, neutral colors. The color scheme of Anatomie’s travel pants works well with most outfits because they are so easy to mix and match and they  lend themselves to a variety of different settings.

And the top travel pants picks are:


Skyler Skinny Pants


travel clothes for women travel clothes for women
The Skyler Skinny Pants are the perfect alternative to skinny jeans. These travel pants are slim fitting and comfortable, but also very fashionable. The Skyler Skinny Pants are quick drying and lightweight pants — that means they’re going to take up  far less space than regular travel pants, and this makes them the perfect choice for those who want to travel light — so they tick all your travel needs, but they also tick all your style needs. You can dress these travel pants up or down, depending on your destination.


Paola Travel Pants


paola-travel-pants paola-travel-pant


The Paola Travel Pants have a relatively slim fit, however, they are not as tapered as the Skylar travel pants. But this style is just as flattering and creates a classic and feminine silhouette for most body types.

Again, these travel pants are quick to dry, lightweight and versatile, but above all of these factors, they are also ultra comfortable due to the wide waistband (which even comes complete with belt loops for a stylish yet practical finish).

Anatomie’s Paola pants are great for multi-use. How? Well, the classic style paired with the neutral color scheme will allow you to mix and match these great travel pants with a wide variety of functional and sexy tops, whilst still enjoying exceptional comfort.


Rosa Pant


rosa-travel-pant rosa-pant


When traveling a neutral color scheme is always optimal — you can of course always add a pop of color with accessories — the Rosa travel pants come in beige which is a wonderful, softer alternative to constantly wearing dark travel pants.  Whilst this color may not be quite as forgiving when it comes to stains and dirt, they so look very chic.

The Rosa Pant is a great form-fitting style, completed with a stylish front seam and tailored leg, which makes these travel pants the perfect option for a corporate travel wardrobe. Other features that the Rosa Pant offers are: a functional side zip, and a flat front and belly control panel for a flattering and comfortable fit.


Bianca with Roll Down Waistband


bianca-travel-pant biana-pant
I’m sorry, but nothing says comfort like a roll down waistband does!

The great thing about the Bianca with Roll Down Waistband travel pants is that it caters for women who do not want to wear form-fitting clothing and would rather choose to fill their wardrobes with looser fitting travel pants.

The high-waist style is ever flattering, and will ensure that when you go about your daily activities, such as picking up things and bending, without your underwear  sticking out!

The style is also very adaptable, so if you want to look more trendy, then you can pair these pants with a cropped top and show off the stylish lycra waistband. However, if you prefer a more modest travel attire, then there are plenty of form fitting tops that will compliment these travel pants.

If you need to pick one pair of travel pants for your plane jersey, let it be these beauty’s.