When we think about Spring, we always think about floral prints, but that doesn’t have to be always the case. There’s another option you can go; instead of being overly girly, why not try something crisp and new, like mesh? Mesh fusion clothing is an up-and-coming trend that is generally appreciated for its edgy, slick style.

In this post, we’re giving you a Spring fashion option that presents a sporty chic look that is both clean and comfortable. It’s among the up-and-coming European fashion trends that will hit the international style wave, and most probably, stay for a long time!


travel clothes for women




Dress it up. Mesh has found its way on shift and skater dresses, and we love them! This fashion is perfect for girls who love to bare their skin without baring them at all. It’s a fresh, modern take on these classic pieces, with mesh becoming a lovely detail.

What we suggest? The Donatella Dress. This all-black ensemble offers mesh details in the most surprising places, making it a nice revamp of the Little Black Dress we’ve known and loved. Add some chunky accessories and you’re good to go on a night out!

Think Tank. Tanks can look more special when you add some mesh details. And we know that tanks are important when traveling; you can pair it with just about anything. Picking up tank tops with lovely mesh fusion designs is one way to vamp up your clothing.

What we suggest? The Trina Travel Tank, and the Tatiana Travel Tank. Trina offers a thinner, spaghetti-like strap, while Tatiana offers more breadth.

Cool with Colors. Mesh and color goes perfectly hand in hand together. The perforated design gives a whole new edgy appearance over the solid block of color, and is perfect for the romantics who loves to have a dash of lace over their getup.

What we suggest? Anatomie’s Avalon is a great example of how mesh fusion items look with solid colored jackets. You can choose a deep blue or gray variant and travel with a lightweight cover up that goes best with any style.




travel clothes for womenThe Sassy Skirt. Pencil skirts are getting popular nowadays, and it gets better with a mesh design. This is best worn during a night out and comes with many colors. Pair it with a loose cami or an eye-catching blouse. A-line skirts are also designed with mesh, just a few inches above the hem. It makes a great disguise as a skater skirt. More than the fact that it flatters any figure, it also allows its wearer to bare some skin!

Black is back. Well, the truth is, black was never gone. It’s a fashion essential that will remain forever. But how about giving it a makeover, like adding some mesh details too?

What we suggest: The Mon Cheri Jacket, a lovely travel item with honey comb mesh. Daring jetsetters will love this; it’s perfect for any destinations and it flatters any figure!

Stripe it Down. Mesh also works great with stripes, as long as they are made with careful thought! It’s one way to mix and match design combinations, giving you more chances to gain a unique look in your stylish travel.

Hint: Since it worked well with stripes, mesh designs will also look good in contrast with other patterns. You don’t have to stick with solid colors; find it paired with geometric designs, floral prints and other patterns that suits your style.