Women are constantly searching for the ideal travel pants. So, what are the ideal travel pants?  We’re talking about pants that are flattering, super comfortable, stylish, light-weight and versatile.

Combining all these factors may seem like a hard ask, but Anatomie has a wonderful range of stylish travel pants which are made from only the highest quality French and Italian materials, and they manage to combine all the best features and more. This is perhaps just one of the reasons that the Skyler Travel Pant are the top selling travel pants on the market today!



Skinny Pant

The Skyler Skinny Pant is quick-drying and lightweight and they even offer a little stretch, which makes them an amazing choice for long-haul trips. The cut is super flattering, and these travel pants come in a selection of practical, neutral colors. The color scheme ensures that it’s easy to mix and match your travel pants, and you’ll be able to wear them in a variety of different settings including both a casual and corporate environment.

The Skyler Skinny Pant are the perfect alternative to skinny jeans, with their slim-fitting and super comfortable cut, which has been completed with a tuxedo stripe down the side of your leg. We all want to have supermodel legs, and the tuxedo stripe creates a streamlined effect which makes your legs look skinnier and longer. A major bonus for those of us who are shorter!

In fact, the Skyler Skinny Pant was actually designed for women with long or short legs, slim hips and a small bottom, this makes them the perfect travel pants for women who battle to find pants for their height. However, one small word of caution, these travel pants were not actually made for women with curves, but never fear, there are plenty of other great alternative travel pants on offer for you, including the Anatomie Celine Travel Pants.

Aside from the tuxedo stripes, the design also has some cool features, offering decent sized pockets on the back, which always come in handy during your travels. But the best thing about the Skyler Skinny Pants? They never lose their shape, no matter how long you wear them for! And we all know how irritating it can be to have a favorite pair of pants that gradually disfigure and become unwearable.