Are you searching for a women’s travel jacket  that is fashionable, but will also keep you warm and dry? Are you planning your trip abroad, but have no idea what to pack? Well, you have come to the right place.

Fashion should not be short on function, especially when traveling.  In fact, it’s actually pretty easy to combine the two.

So how do you pick the perfect women’s travel jacket? Well,  it’s  important to make sure that your travel jacket covers a few basics: you want a garment that packs well, is wrinkle-free, and has pockets to help keep your valuables safe and close at hand.

Depending on the physical activities you plan on doing and the climate you’ll be in during your trip abroad,  then a waterproof jacket is also be a must have item. Although, not just any waterproof jacket will do! You want one that keeps the elements out, but also provides breathability to wick away any moisture and ensure maximum comfort and dryness throughout your travels.

Anatomie creates designer travel clothing with women in mind, and for that reason the women’s travel jackets on offer are not only made from high quality fabrics. And they’re also classy, feminine and functional.


Super Stylish Travel Jacket – The Parisian


If you want a women’s travel jacket that will help you to blend in with the beautiful and very stylish Parisian women, then there is no better jacket than The Parisian.

The Parisian is quite possibly the most fashionable women’s travel jacket that you will find, and it will be sure to make an impression wherever you go, due to its oversized collar jacket in quilted leather and knit combination.  But it’s not just a fashionable jacket, it’s also a wonderfully functional piece that will keep all the elements at bay.


travel clothes for women


Functional Ttatement Piece – Trinity Trench Coat

The lady in red! Every women needs a stylish trench coat, and the Trinity trench coat in red is a functional statement piece. It is a perfect option either for travel or every day wear, and you will find multi-use for this garment.

This super stylish designer women’s travel jacket is also lightweight, versatile, protective and resistant.


travel clothes for womenWomen's Travel Jacket Trinity Trench Coat



Simple and Classic Design Lorelei Lightweight Jacket

The Lorelei Lightweight travel jacket ticks a whole lot of boxes. It is lightweight as the name suggests,  and it packs well. But the best part about this women’s travel jacket is that the simple and classic style (which is available in either Marine Blue/Black or Light Grey/Black) appeals to a large variety of women, who are in search of a more casual clothing option when they are traveling abroad.



Women's Travel Jacket Lorelei LightweightWomen's Travel Jacket Lorelei Lightweight Grey Black Women's Travel Jacket Lorelei Lightweight


Perfect for Cold WeatherFia Travel Coat

If you’re heading to a destination that is known for it’s cold weather, then a coat is what you need. The Fia is a great travel coat and it has been superbly made using only the highest quality Italian fabric.

This travel coat is warm and comfortable thanks to the combination of the polyamide fabric and the design that features a high-collar for added protection from the chill.

But above all, this women’s travel jacket is the ideal choice for a lady with a sharp eye for tailoring.


Fia Women's Travel CoatFia Women's Travel Coat Back



Wet Weather Protection and Versatility – Merika Wind Breaker

Created with function and fashion in mind, the Merika Wind Breaker is a practical yet stylish women’s travel jacket that offers wet weather protection and versatility.

This women’s travel jacket is made from high performance fibers to ensure that the garment is lightweight, protective and resistant.  And there’s also an added bonus because this wonderful women’s travel jacket offers a variety of cool design features which include: hand pockets, a front zipper and a hood.


Women's Travel Jacket Merika Wind BreakerWomen's Travel Jacket Merika Wind Breaker HoodWomen's Travel Jacket Merika Wind Breaker


If these styles are not for you, then there are plenty of other options available on Anatomie’s website. Enjoy your shopping and your travels!