Your travel pants can either make your bottom half look attractive, or unsightly. That’s why it is important to choose a pair of pants that fits your body shape perfectly. It’s not just about picking the right measurements or length; it’s more on finding something that suits your body style and would emphasize your best assets while hiding away the less-favorable ones. A perfect pair of pants can make you feel comfortable and confident; and these two aspects can radiate in your overall appearance.


So How Can You Find The Right Pants For Your Shape?

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a pair of travel pants. One, the size of the hip and the butt area; and two, the length and thickness of your legs. It is important for you to avoid a pair of bottoms that are ill-fitting and bulges in your outfit; you lose your curves in the whole ensemble. Length is another thing to take a good look at. The hem of the pants should be right at the bottom of your heel.

Low rise pants are good for those with short torsos and big bottoms. These type of travel pants make the wearer’s mid-section appear longer. However, don’t go for those with bulky pockets behind; they add to the illusion of your bottom.

Females with smaller bottoms can still wear low rise pants. The pair must fit snugly in order to make the bottom appear much more fuller.


Tackling The Body Shape

Each of us has our own appearance which makes us unique. Not all travel pant styles suits every body shape. With different kinds of pants emphasizing different parts of the body, choosing the right pair of bottoms can be tricky! However, discovering the right pants for your body shape is made easy by determining which category you fall into.

There are six known body shapes for women, all special in their own. Before you take a plunge at another shopping session, you might want to find out your own body shape to see what kinds of clothing fits you the best.

Hour Glass. The perfect symmetry of a female’s body, this body shape boasts of a well defined waist, bust and bottom. Their shoulders have the same measurements as their hips. If you are categorized as an hour-glass shape, you’re just lucky. With this kind of curve, you can wear most of the pant styles available in the market. Go flaunt it, girl!

Pear. You are a pear-type body shape if you are heavier on the bottom than on the top. The widest part of your body is either your hips or thighs. Don’t fret, most women are actually pear shaped! Of course, you don’t want to highlight those less-pleasing parts, do you? Avoid pants with side pockets and those which adds bulk to these areas.

Wedge. Wedge-types are women who have flat hips and wide brimmed shoulders with smaller bottoms. Generally, you are heavier on the top and is quite busty. Choose pants which takes the highlight from your upper body and allows you to get a fuller bottom.

Apple. An apple-type body shape presents rounder shoulders, big bust and a fuller middle shape. It runs a close second to the top female shape demographics, just behind pear. Basically, women possessing this type of body shape have narrower hips with less-defined waist.

Rectangle. You have an athletic build and very little curves. Fortunately, you’ve got the perfect pants available for you in the market: the skinny jeans. Anatomie, however, has a few more other offerings for you. You might want to read on…

Banana. For the girls with narrow shoulders, small bust, waist and hips, you want to accentuate your body with a pair of pants that gives you a curvier appearance. Your body is so much evenly proportioned that there is little difference in the measurement of your torso. One thing you’ll want is to accentuate your slim figure and add a few more dimensions to certain parts of your body. You’re quite lucky; banana-shaped girls are the easiest to dress, as experts say.


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