OK, no one expects you to wear your couture gown while traveling, but we also don’t want you looking unkempt. Packing comfortable travel clothes really doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your sense of style!

Everyone can be comfortable and stylish while on holiday, all you need to do is remember a few simple tips.

Comfort Tip No.1: Comfortable Travel Shoes

The ideal travel shoes are those that you can get on and off easily. A personal recommendation would be ballet flats. Why? Ballet flats are a great choice because they’re super cute and come in a range of different designs and colors.  They’re also practical because they’re flat and comfortable.

High-heels for flying are also not recommended, but if you cannot live without your heels there’s an easy alternative: pack a pair of simple ballet flats in your carry-on luggage and change them over while you’re on the plane.

A word of caution: NEVER wear new shoes while traveling, because blisters are not fun!

Comfort tip No. 2: Layering is Key for Travel Comfort

When traveling wearing layers is always a good idea because they regulate your temperature and they’re great for helping you transition between the climates.

Good comfortable travel clothes that you can use for layering include: a washable cotton scarf, cardigans, sweatshirts, light vests, and light jackets! And what’s even better, the more layers that you have on your body, the less you’ll have to pack in your luggage!

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Comfort tip No. 3: Choose the Right Fabrics

When it comes to choosing comfortable travel clothes, you should opt for breathable materials that are made from natural fibers.

Your best bet for comfort and wearability is to choose materials that are wrinkle-free, quick-drying (just in case you spill a glass of wine) and offer a little stretch, to allow ease of movement.

These simple combinations of comfortable travel clothes will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your trip and you’re not left unable to move because of your ridiculously skin-tight outfit.

Wearing comfortable travel clothes can truly not be impressed upon the traveler strongly enough!


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Comfort Tip No.4: Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals!

Always opt for a neutral color scheme and specifically the darker shades. Colors like black, navy and grey usually tend to be more form flattering than other colors, and they also offer a little more forgiveness when it comes to unwanted dirt and accidental beverage spills.


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Comfort Tip No.5: Pick The Perfect Travel Jacket

Picking the perfect comfortable travel clothes can be a complicated task, but choosing the right jacket is s essential! A comfortable travel jacket is usually one that is in a dark shade, which makes  it easy to mix and match with many outfits and creates multi-use.

Also, opt for a comfortable jacket that’s mid-thigh length or longer. Not only will this length provide you with greater warmth during your travels, it’s also generally a far more flattering style that will allow you hide any unwanted lumps and bumps that you may have.


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Comfortable Tip No.6: Limit Your Jewelry

We all want to be fashionable and make a statement at all times, and accessorizing is one of the easiest ways to do this, and stay on trend. But when traveling, it’s really not a good idea to wear a lot of jewelry.

It can be extremely uncomfortable and restricting wearing jewelry when you are trying to sleep on the plane. However, if you do want to wear jewelry during your travels then keep it simple. Wood and beaded pieces are great options for comfortable travel because they’re durable and won’t set off the airport security alarm.