How to pack: the ultimate Caribbean packing list

Whether you’re planning a relaxing cruise or if you’ve booked a hotel situated right on the glorious sandy beaches of the Caribbean, we have the ultimate Caribbean packing list for you. Our Caribbean packing list will ensure that you have something functional to wear no matter what the occasion.

Caribbean packing list

Pack Light

The key here is to try and pack as little as possible for as long as possible, therefore mixing and matching is key and you should pack pieces that you plan to wear more than once, so they should lend themselves to a variety of different settings.

To get you started on your Caribbean packing list, we advise picking 4 bottoms, 5 tops, 3 jackets and 3 dresses, and ensuring that they are mainly solid colors and/or dark hues (this will allow you to easily mix and match your outfits and the darker shades will allow a little forgiveness when it comes to dirt and grime).

If you love camouflage clothing, this is one destination that you should definitely leave it at home because camouflage is strictly prohibited in the Caribbean.


European Airlines Have Strict Rules

For your Caribbean packing list try to aim for a capsule wardrobe of 15 pieces around 8-9 pounds luggage weight, which you can pack in your carry-on luggage.

What you may not know is European airlines can be very strict when it comes to baggage weight restrictions and an instant way to spoil your trip will be having to pay an exorbitant luggage fee before you even get started. Not to mention that lugging around a heavy bag during your trip is never fun!

 It’s A Tropical Destination

The Caribbean can reach some pretty high temperatures (the average temperature is around 82 F) so you want to ensure that the Caribbean packing list ticks a couple of boxes: lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and quick drying. It’s a tropical destination so dresses will definitely come in handy and try to pack looser tops that you would usually take to a European destination, apart from being wonderfully stylish on holiday, you also want to look cool and comfortable.

Capri pants and are a cool compromise between shorts and slacks and they will leave you looking effortlessly chic. Although the average temperature will probably not require you to bring a jacket, when deciding what to take on your Caribbean packing list you should always come prepared and bring along a few lightweight jackets such as a cardigan, a parka and even a shawl or shrug to be a little more conservative when a modest dress code is needed and for when the chill sets in.

Remember, different islands have different customs and you should always be prepared to cover up.

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Caribbean packing listWhen it comes to shoes, you’ll probably find yourself not often wearing them in the beautiful Caribbean. However, flats are a great option, as are sandals and a chic pair of wedges to dress up your outfit for the fancier occasions.

A little tip for shoes: always fly wearing your heaviest pair of shoes as this will allow you a little extra weight in your luggage and that means that you could pack an extra garment. (And women can never have enough to wear!)

Don’t forget the sunscreen, a wide-brimmed sun hat and plenty of bathing suits. Oh, and have an incredible trip!