Sushi pants, heard of them? Well, we’re going to teach you how to adapt the concept of sushi pants to your travel packing lists. travel clothes for women

When we think of sushi we think of Japanese cuisine, the art of rolling fish, vegetables and vinegared rice…but now we’re referring to it in the form of pants. So what do we mean when we suggest that you should travel with sushi pants?

Nope, it’s nothing fishy! Sushi pants refer to putting an outfit together, so that you take your pants and the best matching shirt and then you roll them up together. So essentially what you are doing is rolling your outfit together in one piece.

The benefit of this is that it keeps your travel wardrobe organized and efficient so when you are in a rush to put together an outfit, if you need a new outfit after one of your outings or a day at the beach, or if you don’t want to spend minute after minute deciding what to wear, then you just unroll one of your sushi pant outfits (which were pre-planned before your travels) and you’re good to go.

travel clothes for womenWhen traveling there is always something else that you have to do, so whether you get wet or dirty, having your sushi pants combination close at hand will definitely be beneficial and allow you to change without having to head back to your hotel first.

Some tips on what to pack for your sushi pant combinations are for instance a black, beige or khaki colored pant together with Anatomie’s Monte Carlo top. Or you can pair a white Monika Dress with a white tank top underneath and then roll them up together for a casual and chic day look.

When it comes to travel, we all want convenience and to make our trips easier. This seems like a pretty good way to achieve that.