Going on a business trip? Wanting to visit the Amazon? Or are you in a luxurious getaway in the Caribbean? Either way, you’d want something light, functional and versatile for your fashion. The staff at Anatomie has compiled a smart guide for your week-long vacation or business trip.

The whole concept of these packing guide is to be able to bring in 15 pieces of clothing and tuck it into an 8-pound luggage. Imagine just proceeding the whole trip with a carry-all! Hands-free from a giant trolley bag, you can be able to enjoy everything in your trip without a fuss!

It’s important that the fifteen (15) pieces of clothing you bring can be mixed and matched. Whether you’re going out, staying at the beach, planing with your business partners in a cafe, you’d want your outfit to be as stylish as possible without compromising another. We’re giving you tips on how you can pack light for a day-in, day-out adventure with just a limited number of travel clothes.


A business trip in the Europe

Your look: edgy, classy, and smart

Essential for your trip:

  • Classy high heels
  • A blazer
  • Smart trousers
  • A dress (A little black dress is your best bet)



For a week-long business trip to Europe, you’d want to look smart and stylish: two words that will help you get that client. Among the necessities you must bring is a blazer; a black, versatile blazer that will cover up and match all of your tops. Take for example this Bridget Travel Blazer from Anatomie. This stylish item can be used in your meetings, as well as for casual night outs. Lightweight and resistant, it is created for quick-drying and for the wearer’s comfort.


You also need to pack a pair pf versatile women’s travel pants. The Skyler Skinny Pants is just the perfect pair; it’s chic, it’s comfortable and it enhances your legs. This can be worn with both high heels, rubber shoes and flats. Because of its versatility, it can be the best multipurpose pair you’ll ever bring.


A sunny dip into the Carribean

Your look: fresh, fun, and flirty.

Essential for your trip:

  • Sandals
  • A shawl
  • Resort dress
  • Sunglasses



A luxurious getaway to the sunny beaches of the Carribean invites you to do one thing: to be glamorous on the beach. One way to do that is to pack dressy outfits that will surely let you shine. You want your dress to be free-flowing and comfortable, like the Cynthia Dress from Anatomie. The strapless maxi dress in gray melange color is designed to show off your curves as you walk on the sandy shore. The tube dress gives emphasis on your shoulders. Wear it with a long necklace and enjoy your cruise in a fashionable way.


A walk into the Safari

Your look: radiant, adventurous, with lots of camouflage clothing

Essential for your trip:

  • Khaki travel pants
  • Tank top
  • Sunglasses
  • Lots of courage



When diving into the deep forests, there’s one thing you need to consider: don’t pack black or white colored travel clothing, as these items attract mosquitoes. One thing you can do is to carry a pair of khaki pants, or bottoms of another color. How about the Anatomie’s Bianca Pants, which is a perfect pair of pants for those who wants to tuck their tummy? You also need to wear comfy tank tops to keep you cool. Our suggestions? The Isadora Tank Top in fruity yellow color.

Make your week-long trip chic, comfortable and significant by carrying a lightweight luggage packed with versatile, stylish travel clothing from Anatomie!