Spring time is one of the best time to travel in Asia. First, the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan. The sun starts to beat into a summery mood in the quirky outskirts of Thailand. India’s beaches are crowded with many locals and tourists who wants to get a dip into its blue waters. Singapore shines with its many resorts and leisure parks everyone can enjoy. Asia, with the diverse countries dwelling in its entire geography, is a favorite destination. Picking one country to visit can be a tough decision!

Whether it is for a romantic adventure or for more adventurous trips in the great outdoors, you can always find something interesting to do in this continent. It’s a refreshing view to see oriental temples against the sunny backdrop of its tropical skies. It’s also a nice thing to experience the other side of the world, with different culture and different language.

You can still carry your elegant European fashion into your Asian trip without losing its charm. If you’re looking for tips on how to choose the right clothing for your week-long journey, you might want to take a look at this packing guide from Anatomie:

Our goal is to pack 15 clothing pieces into one small luggage which will help you turn your vacation into a lighter journey. Besides, we know you’d be taking home souvenirs from the places you’ll visit. Here are our suggested travel clothes for women so you can make space for your mementos.


5 Bottoms:

  • 2 Versatile Trousers
  • 2 Shorts
  • 1 Skirt


wash your travel pants

It’s important to carry two flexible trousers that you can wear in casual to formal settings. The Susan Skinny Pants is a pair of travel pants with a grayish tone. Made with lightweight materials, wearing this gives you both comfort and style. Another pair of versatile pants is Skyler, Anatomie’s current favorite bottoms, which can be paired with virtually any top.

You’ll need two shorts for a more comfortable, relaxed look. The Sandy Travel Shorts fits every top and becomes a chic bottom which can be paired with your rubber shoes or flats. A longer version is the Betty Travel Shorts, which is perfect for the adventurous and the athletic.

Skirts are important to give you a dressy look when you don’t want to wear a dress. Our suggestion is to pack the Bella Travel Skirt, a lightweight A-line skirt with a flair of European fashion.


6 Tops

  • 2 Tank tops
  • 4 Casual tops

comfortable travel clothing marie teetravel fashion tipsTravel Clothes for Women- Trina Tank

When traveling, variety is a must. It’s important for you to have basic colored tops that can be mixed with versatile bottoms. 2 tank tops are necessary for your comfort, especially if you’re going to a tropical country like Indonesia or Vietnam. You need casual tops to get you through day-outs and dates. Pack in 4 casual tops, which can either be blouses or shirts, which can be mixed and matched with your travel pants.

2 Blazer

carley park jacket

You may want to bring in two coverups, especially if some of the places in your itineraries are cooler than the others. Pack one formal blazer and a casual blazer for your workouts. Two of our well-loved travel jackets are the Carly Parka Jacket, which is suitable for casual use, and the pastel colored Biker Mesh jacket, which gives you a feminine appeal.

2 Dresses

You will need to pack two dresses for your trip: one is for dates and day-outs with friends. One is for the more formal occasion. The Monika Ballerina Dress is a comfortable day dress you can wear on trips as well as on special events.  Add minimal jewelry and a top it with sandals or pumps, and you can glide through the night looking elegant. The Selena Dress is inspired with a happy yellow color and can be paired with a jacket for a more casual appeal. Pair this item with flats and you can travel light and chic in a more feminine way.

With these suggestions, you can pack light and return with many adventures and lots of souvenirs! Remember to choose clothes with prints and colors that can be versatile and may be combined with the rest of your packed travel clothing. Wherever you’re traveling in Asia, make the best of it by wisely picking clothes that suits the temperature and culture of your destination, and can be worn in many ways.

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