Anatomie’s versatile travel clothes for women, will easily let you transition between Pilates and dinner. 

What’s so great about Anatomie’s travel clothes for women is its versatility, you can literally go from Pilates to dinner in your Anatomie wear. Here’s how:


travel clothes for women

1. When you’re doing Pilates you want to avoid any Anatomie’s travel clothes for women that has zipper details close to your ankle and the middle of your thighs and you also want to wear something that’s plain (because after all, you are exercising).


2. It’s also not a good idea to wear travel clothes for women such as pants that have snaps on the bottom like the Kate and the Fiora. Rather opt for a pair of Skylar pants, Paola pants or the new Andrea pants which are the best for exercising due to their slim fit.


Remember that if you are choosing transitional travel clothes for women then you have to wear a pair of pants that are functional for both occasions.



Transitional wear: pilates to dinner

3. Do your exercise in a work-out tank, but take one of Anatomie’s blazers or a smart jacket such as the Diane, the Rosella or the Tina with you, so that you can dress up your outfit when you’re headed out.


4. Think ahead: if you plan to do exercise in your travel clothes for women and then go out or dinner or a meeting straight after, a little planning will go a long way. Pack a little bag with another pair of shoes (heels, flats or wedges) and your jacket in it for later and you’ll be all set to go straight from Pilates to dinner.