Anatomie’s travel clothes for women are actually great for business! It’s important to keep in mind that 90 per cent of people will form an opinion about you within the first 10 to 40 seconds of meeting you, so let’s ensure that their impression is a memorable one.


Dress for the job you want

When you’re doing a presentation for you boss, you want to ensure that you make good impression and your clothing can actually play a major role in this. People tend to notice when your clothes fit well, so opt for tailored items rather than skin-tight ones and remember that no matter how high up on the corporate ladder you are, your should always dress for the job that you want, not necessarily the one that you currently have.


Avoid sexy, choose tailored

When picking Anaotomie’s travel clothes for women to wear for business stop and think about the image that you’re hoping to project at work. Try to avoid any travel clothes for women that are overly girly and  sexy and rather opt for clothing that entails some kind of tailoring.  A smart dress, tailored trousers, a pencil skirt or a tailored jacket are great items for workwear. Dressing in a simple, yet classy way will ensure that the people you are dealing with are focused on you, and what you have to say. Rather than staring at your clothes (or your assets).


Tone down your look

When it comes to dressing for business, the simpler the better. You want people to take you seriously, yet at the same time feel comfortable with what you are wearing. A neutral tailored jacket or blazer would work well as your staple item when dressing for business. With Anatomie’s travel clothes for women, you can then add your own personality and style to your look with accessories such as a colorful neck scarf or a fitted belt.

It is key to remember that when choosing Anatomie’s travel clothes for women for business wear,  less is really more, and this includes adding color to your wardrobe–neutral colors work best and head-to-toe brights will sadly just not work!


Check out those shoes!

Along with Anatomie’s tavel clothes for women, footwear is equally as important as your choices when dressing for business. Imagine the impression you will give if your shoes are dirty, scuffed, or just plain ugly? Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required for a corporate environment. Regardless of how much you may love your sandals, leave them at home.