There are seemingly endless styles of shoes and travel clothes for women that are available, but how do we know which travel pants and which shoes make a great combination? And those that are, lets just say, less than desirable?


When deciding travel clothes for women to pick, it’s important to consider the style of the travel pants, so the first question you have to ask yourself is: ‘Are your travel pants the right type of pants to be dressed up?’ For example, if you’re wearing a pair of casual cargo pants, can you wear heels with it? The answer is simply no.


Along with travel clothes for women, shoes can really make or break an outfit and this summer comfort and style have finally morphed. This means that you’re able to finally wear flats, be comfortable and be on trend. Ballet pumps and pointy toe flats are major trends for the summer season, and another style that’s gaining popularity and looks set to stay are wedges.


This is great news because travel clothes for women tend to look great with wedges! Especially narrow bottom travel pants like Anatomie’s Skylar, Andrea, Susan and the Kate pants. If you’re a boot lovin’ kinda gal, then boots also work well with slim-fit narrow legged styles and when the season changes over to winter, you can opt for knee high or thigh high boots over ankle boots for added warmth.




When choosing the right shoes and travel clothes for women combination consider a few simple tips:


Don’t clash: Now that you have chosen the style of shoe that you will be wearing with your pants, consider the color. You want to wear an outfit and a pair of shoes that compliment each other, not ones that clash.

Focus on color: Neutral heels work well with pants that are bold and bright, and vice versa. Although, you should avoid strict color matching. What this means is don’t wear an outfit that is entirely black from head-to-toe.

Neutral shades for workwear: Select standard colors for corporate settings, black, browns, white and navy shoes will work great with your tailored pantsuit.