When it comes to women’s travel clothing we love cozys because as the name suggests, they’re super comfortable and warm. When traveling we don’t always have a lot of space in your suitcase and Cozys’ are the perfect items to wear on the plane because they are comfortable, stylish and practical.



What’s so great about Anatomie’s Monticozy is that it’s comfortable but also super chic thanks to the mesh details along the arm as well as a mesh panel that starts at the front and runs all the way to the back. This makes the Monticozy the perfect women’s travel clothing option because it’s breathable and comfortable.


This great piece of women’s travel clothing is from Anatomie’s spring collection and it’s a wonderful versatile, transitional piece and can take you from casual to formal in a heartbeat. The Monticozy is available in a range of sizes from small to extra large, and a wide selection of neutral colors including black, navy and sand , thus appealing to women of all shapes and sizes.


Women's travel clothing: anatomie monti cozy

Looking for some inspiration on how to wear the Monticozy? Just take the two ends and bring it across your body, then tie it all at the back with a double knot. It can also be worn with a selection of Anatomie’s stylish and comfortable travel pants for the perfect women’s travel clothing look.

For more inspiration and ways to wear the MontiCozy,  look no further than the video above. Enjoy your travels, and you won’t be sorry if you choose to add this stunning piece to your collection.