Dressing for the workplace can be a difficult task as it requires a combination of style, professionalism and comfort.

When it comes to women’s travel clothing and dressing for business, the simpler the better. You want people to take you seriously, yet at the same time feel comfortable with what you are wearing and Anatomie can help the women in your workplace achieve this.

Anatomie are offering companies a special offer! A 10% discount on all designer travel clothing. Sounds good? Well there’s more: Anatomie are also offering a personal stylist that can style and advise the women in your company on which clothes would look best fortheir body shape. As well as free travel and packing tips and advice for your business depending on the travel destination

When picking the right travel clothing for women on a business trip,  you need consider  clothing options that will make a good impression, but also concentrate on  high quality materials. Anatomie’s travel clothing for women is made of only the top French and Italian fabrics and that is  just one of the reasons we have become  one of the world leaders in travel fashion clothing. travel clothing for women: ramona pants

If the women in your company work hard, travel often and need to look professional and stylish at all times, yet remain comfortable throughout their business travels, then you can  achieve this is through Anatomie.

Anatomie  will help you get the  right travel clothing for women of different shapes and sizes to help them feel and look great! The wonderful thing about this program is that there is no cost to your company, and it  can be set up immediately.

If you’re interested in finding out more and having a look at Anatomie’s travel clothing for women and the summer collections. And watch the video above for even more information.