When picking travel clothing for an overnight flight it’s best to steer clear of any large, bulky snaps and zippers like the ones that you find often find on jeans. Why? Well, they’re going to dig into your stomach and make you very uncomfortable during your flight, especially if you’re traveling for hours on end.


When traveling, it’s best to pick clothing that has a soft and slightly stretchy waistband. Don’t worry, there are fashionable alternatives to your jeans and one of our favorites is the stylish Anatomie’s  Bianca pants. The Bianca pants look great when paired with the Monticozy and you’ll certainly look  comfortable, chic and cute in this travel clothing combination.


Best travel clothing: anatomi monti cozy


When traveling you should always avoid low-waisted pants because they often create an unflattering silhouette often referred to as a muffin top. And what’s worse than a muffin top,  is when your pants dig into you and leave an uncomfortable red mark.  That’s why we love wearing travel clothing with a slightly higher waist to keep all the lumps and bumps in place and ensures that you’re comfortable throughout your travels.


Traveling long-haul can be a very tiring experience and it is made even worse if you are wearing the wrong clothes.  It is important to o consider where you’ll be headed after your trip, so that you can pick the appropriate travel clothing.  Of course, you want to remain as comfortable as possible throughout your travels, but if you’re running late and need to go straight into a meeting when you land, then your travel clothing choice can’t really be a pair of yoga pants and a tank top.


So, if  you’re stuck for travel clothing choices and want a pair of pants that are comfortable, classic and versatile then look no further than  the Ramona or Skyler pants. We hope that you have a great trip!



best travel clothing: ramona pants