Antomie’s Hallie Dress is a gorgeous piece of womens travel clothing. The dress is stretchy, yet it clings to your curves with absolute perfection and the baroque-style lace with intertwined delicate florals is a show-stopper.



The length of the Hallie Dress is just above the knee and this makes this piece the perfect option for any woman who wants to travel in style.

women's travel clothing

While this dress is a wardrobe essential no matter what the occasion, what makes it so great for traveling is that it’s super lightweight, breathable for extra comfort (which means that you can wear this womens travel clothing piece all day and still feel as fresh as you did when you put in on in the morning) and it folds up really small! That’s right, the Hallie dress will take up virtually no space, and even if you squash it into your luggage (not that you will ever want to squash such an amazing piece of womens travel clothing) and it will still come out looking great!

The Hallie dress has been expertly designed with a zipper down the back to make your changing process as simple as possible. In a range of sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large, this stylish  womens travel clothing jersey dress is bold yet comfortable. If you want an edgier look, then pair the Hallie dress with one of Anatomie’s great leather jackets but however you choose to style it, the reality is, you need this dress in your wardrobe.