Five power pieces for New York

You’ll never be short of things to do in New York City, but if you need some inspiration of where to visit (and you don’t mind the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds) then some of the most famous tourist attractions are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island, to name a few.)

But more importantly, we have the perfect contemporary fashion packing list for your New York adventures, a list of five power pieces, all of which can be worn from the office to an evening out.

1. The Athena Blazer is a comfortable but sharp blazer that will keep you feeling cool, calm and collected in any meeting. The large buttons add to the design ensuring that you are kept up to date with contemporary fashion. While the four pockets, one interior pocket and hidden zip closure, create added functionality and allow you to keep your cash or cards close at hand.

2. Anatomie’s Paola travel pants are great pair of contemporary fashion pants. The stretch woven, fitted design is classic and flattering making these pants perfect for travel.

Not only are they wrinkle-free, but they are also made from super light-weight nylon/lycra microfiber material that is moisture wicking, to allow for breathability and quick drying (always useful if you want to wash and wear during your trips).  If you’ll be away for a longer duration of time then consider side a good pair of dark blue jeans for New York, you’ll blend in well.

3. The Buda Mesh top, is one of the most flattering and popular styles that Anatomie has on offer. The design takes cues from the sportsluxe trend by combining contemporary fashion with sportswear. The mesh panels add a fashionable quality to the top, but it’s also the ultimate travel top for the active woman who want a high-performance, yet light-weight material. The great thing about this contemporary fashion piece is that it can be dressed up and down, and lends itself of a variety of different settings.

4. The Brooke Skirt is a beautiful, feminine garment made from Italian leather. Not only does this skirt look great for workwear, but it can also be worn comfortably on your day-to-day adventures. The fine sleek lines and two side pockets add to the functionality of the garment and make it the perfect contemporary fashion addition for any trip you may be planning.

5. Patty Patterned Dress, is a casual, yet beautiful dress that can be worn during the day or dressed up in the evening. Made from only the finest Italian vuelta fabric, this lightweight sleeveless dress exudes contemporary fashion and lends itself to a variety of different settings. What we love about this dress is the cut, falling just above the knee, the Patty Patterned Dress is an elegant and sophisticated style for women of all ages.

If it’s your first time in the big apple, then here’s a few travel tips to help you out:

Bring along a stylish bag, you’ll need one to keep all your daily essentials safe and dry. New Yorker woman carry enormous purses to hold everything they need for the day, but be sure to pick a bag that zips to avoid pickpockets.

Mute the colors

Dark colors are preferable in New York City, especially during the fall and winter months. This is great for the contemporary fashion lover and traveler, because dark colors are the most practical, the most flattering and very forgiving when it comes to the stains and grime. That said, black doesn’t have to dominate your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to pack a few pieces of color (especially if you’re younger).

Comfortable shoes are key

Comfortable shoes are a must, it’s a big place and you’ll be doing plenty of walking around. We recommend choosing a pair of closed shoes to avoid getting your feet dirty. Leather shoes are a great option because they are comfortable, stylish and waterproof.

How to get around

When getting directions, always ask for the cross streets (for example, 810 Seventh Ave.,) and a MTA MetroCard is a great way to travel around, because it can be used for both subways and buses, and transfers between the two modes of transport.

Remember to pack light and pack wrinkle-free! We  women love to over pack, but there is nothing worse than lugging around a big suitcase during your excursions.