Anatomie has a secret, and we just can’t hold on to it anymore. If you’ve ever worn an Anatomie garment you might have noticed the special texture, feel and durability of our fabrics. And now we can reveal to you why. Susan and Skylar Skinny Pants,  and many of Anatomie’s other travel fashion clothing products are made with a fabric called Honiara, a lightweight, stretchy material developed in France around eight years ago.

travel fashion clothing

Anatomie is the only manufacturer in the U.S. that uses this special fabric in order to make our travel fashion clothing products to the exacting specifications we require. The material is the only option for high quality travel wear which is wrinkle-free, moisture wicking and quick drying, not to mention highly durable. Honiara is extremely thin, breathable and stretchable, but also hides skin imperfections that other materials fail to do, making it the perfect exercise and travel attire that can be dressed up for those fancier occasions if the need arises.

The fabric weighs in at just 95 grams per square metre (gsm), and compared to a lightweight summer cotton T-shirt, which weighs in at 150gsm, this is a considerable weight saving with improved durability and comfort for your travels.

The materials that make up Honiara are polyamide (96 percent) and elastane (4 percent), and the special weave of these two materials creates the signature Anatomie form and function, and helps deliver the best quality designer travel clothing on the market.

Anatomie’s travel fashion clothing and luxury sportswear will leave you feeling dry and comfortable in even the hottest climates or under intense physical strain.

This is just one more way in which Anatomie strives to produce the best clothing possible for our customers, who we can rely on to keep coming back for the best quality women’s travel fashion clothing on offer today.

Cover Image Courtesy Sheila Scarborough, Flickr