Looking for designer travel clothes? Anatomie is proud to announce it’s first-ever pop-up store in Soho which is located on 462 West Broadway in Soho, New York and will be open from 11 am to 7 pm daily until December 29th.


Anatomie has teamed up with pop-up store specialists Republic Collective for their new holiday pop-up concept which offers an innovative marketplace for short term retail, and we’re one one of the designer brands that will be offer at this luxury consumer market this season — making your shopping for designer travel clothing and gift giving an easier and more pleasant experience.

What is so great about the pop-up store holiday marketplace is that you now have an integrated online/offline experience to enjoy our designer travel clothing. This is a very exciting concept for Anatomie and so far it has really been a big hit. Not to mention that we love being able to interact with our customers who love our designer travel clothing, both new and old.


For those of you new to Anatomie, here is what you can expect from us: We are a passionate travel fashion brand that creates designer travel clothing for women to travel the world in comfort and style. We pride ourselves on creating items that are made from premium materials mostly sourced from France and Italy. They are durable, they will not wrinkle and the classic styles will transcend borders.


Come visit us in Soho: We can’t wait to meet you, all!

But if you can’t get down to us in our pop-up store in Soho, don’t forget you can visit us at: www.anatomie.com and the pop-up collection filled with designer travel clothing will also be shopable online via http://www.republiccollective.com.