Could these places be the only time you can safely leave home without the latest in European travel fashion?

When traveling in Europe it’s always good to know where the nearest nude beach is, right? Here is a selection of the most popular ones, where European travel fashion is not necessary for a great time!

Cover Image: Rodrigo Soldon, Flickr

  1. Es Trenc, Majorca, Spain

Es Trenc Nude Beach – Majorca – Spain


Image Credit: Joe Joe, Flickr

Es Trenc shields the southern coast of the island of Majorca in the Baltic. Shallow blue waters, and over 2km of fine sandy beach to relax along, with a few gentle waves for good measure. European travel fashion not required!

  1. Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lokrum Island is home to a Benedictine monastery, an old French fort, some botanical gardens and a nude beach. An episode of Game of Thrones was shot on the island for those who feel like living the fantasy for a day. Peacocks wander the island and its botanical garden. It seems like the perfect location to dress to the nines in your European travel fashion, but clothes are not enforced here.

The nude beach has sharp rocks and requires care to access the water,  although ladders and steps have been built to ease the process. There are plenty of spots to discover and relax, and a cafe where you can sit in the nude and have a snack and a drink.

3. Filaki Beach, Crete, Greece

Filaki is situated on a rocky coastline, but has sections of pebble and shingle beach perfect for relaxing or playing games on. All the amenities you could hope for are available nearby, including a snack bar, sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets and showers.  while you may not need any clothes on the beach there are so many things off it that you will want to look your best for, so do bring a long a few European travel fashion garments. (Shop our Spring 2015 collection for inspiration).

  1. Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

Es Cavallet features white sand, a couple of excellent restaurants and some wind and waves off its splendid shores. It is 1.1km long and is extremely popular especially in summer: this is your destination if you want a social beach experience! Just be sure to pack some great European travel fashion for restaurant dining and partying in the evenings.

  1. Patara Beach, Patara, Turkey

While Patara Beach is just outside of the boundaries of Europe, the beach is worth mentioning due to its 18km length and virtually unspoiled condition. The great climate along the Turkish Riviera coupled with the soft sand and shallow waters make it an ideal destination for your nude beach bathing requirements.

  1. Plage Linguizzetta, Corsica, France

Plage Linguizetta is another fine white sand beach with crystal clear blue waters. Leave your European travel fashion at home and enjoy one of the several nudist resorts that are located in the region.  Local bars and small restaurants are spread along the length of the beach, and it is never too busy to relax here.

So, if sun and fun are what you’re after, then it’s time to pack your page (with or without your European travel fashion) and experienced these glorious shores.