Traveling is a wonderful experience, but packing your travel clothing and accessories into your  luggage can be stressful and time consuming… although these few simple travel tips might help reduce your stress and save you some time.

Photo credit: anaa yoo/Flickr

  1. It may appear self-explanatory, but it is very important to check the baggage policies, allowances and fees of your chosen airline before heading out on your adventure. There is nothing worse than having to fork out cash for something that could have easily been avoided (and spent on a shopping spree).
  1.  When packing your travel clothing, if you find that there is something that wrinkles easily then pack it inside a dry-cleaning bag and then pack it as normal. The plastic will help to prevent creases, however, if you travel with Anatomie’s travel clothing for women, this becomes much less of a problem.
  1. Forget just folding your travel clothing, rolling it too is the way forward (use elastic bands to keep them in place). You can also go one step further with your travel clothing and make sushi pants (no, not the fish kind). Read more about it here.
  1. Ever had the dirty soles of your shoes rub off on your travel clothing and ruin them? Well, if you put shower caps or plastic bags over the soles of your shoes before packing them this will prevent the dirt and grime from destroying your travel clothing.
  1. I used to wait at the baggage claim area for ages, and after a long-haul flight I often could not even recognize my luggage, this is why something as simple as picking a bag with a bright or unusual pattern will save you time. You can also just attach a ribbon or other identifying beacon to your checked bag.
  1. Never wear flip flops or stilettos on a plane. In the unlikely event of a crash landing it’s best to have a good pair of flat, sturdy shoes. These will protect your feet from sharp objects and heat.
  1.  When packing your travel clothing be sure to pack the heavier items on the walls of your suitcase or bag (shoes, bulky travel jackets etc).
  1. When packing your travel clothing try to stick to a theme. Pick neutral colors that will lend themselves well to a variety of different settings, and are easy to layer and mix and match. You can then increase your travel clothing options with accessories such as scarfs, statement necklaces and printed clutches.
  1. Get inventive with your storage space. Use an old pill bottle to keep a few q-tips, an old tic-tac case to store hairpins and old sunglasses cases for cables and chargers.
  1. Is there a collared shirt in your traveling clothing? To make sure that it does not get crumpled and stays stiff place a rolled-up belt inside the collar.
  1. Are you worried about your toiletries leaking all over your travel clothing? Well, you can help prevent this by putting plastic wrap over the top of the bottles (and underneath the lid) to ensure that they do not leak. Another helpful thing to remember is that your beauty products can sometimes explode during flight, so try to remove all excess air from liquid bottles before flying.