Cover Image Credit: Scott Smith, Flickr

Pack your travel clothing and get ready for an adventure! Before heading on your wonderful getaway, be sure to check what you are allowed to bring as most cruise lines have a list of prohibited items, which often include all forms of alcohol, clothing irons and steamers, candles, bicycles, surfboards and many other things. However, Anatomie travel clothing should be on your MUST bring list!

  • This is pretty simple and self explanatory, but don’t pack your passport and important cruise documents in your luggage with your travel clothing where you can’t find them, you’ll need your documents in order to board.
  • You’ll do well to avoid the pool when the ship is very busy. Why? Many ships do not have enough chairs to accommodate everyone and those that do get a chair will be unlikely to give it up, so instead of fighting for a space by the pool rather opt for a space in an adult-only area where you can enjoy the serenity deck. Hogging a deck chair is one of the easiest way to make enemies on board. It is incredibly inconsiderate to put your towel on a chair and leave it for hours to go to breakfast or the gym.
  • Make your trip easier by learning the full layout of the deck soon after arriving. If the ship offers a guided tour be sure to take it, if not, ask the reception for a deck plan. This will save you so much time during your stay and you’ll know exactly where the bars, restaurants and nightclubs can be found.
  • Gym attire might make a good addition to your travel clothing wardrobe if you plane on visiting the gym while on your cruise. Consider the Daniella Pants from Anatomie’s travel clothing pants selection if you’ll be doing any intense activities!
  • Likewise, if your cruise is in a colder region such as Norway or Alaska, pack plenty of layering options. A jacket such as the Rochelle or Nadia jacket from Anatomies’s travel clothing store will keep you snug, but not at extremely low temperatures, so they can be easily worn under a larger jacket if necessary.
  • If you’d like to meet new people then one of the easiest ways to do this is while dining. Ask the maitre d’ to assign you to a round table for six or more. This way you will be able to speak to new people every night.
  • Just a tip on the buffet options which are usually available on most cruise ships: stay away from any food you think looks suspect, such as any trays of food which should either be piping hot or freezing cold, but are actually just lukewarm breeding grounds for bacteria. Food poisoning on a cruise ship is a potential nightmare.
  • In order to make the most of your limited time at each destination, be sure to research your port activities in advance. Ask yourself if you want to relax, shop, go on an adventure and how much each of these activities will cost so that you can plan what you want to get out of the day. More importantly, plan your travel clothing options for each destination too!
  • Even all-inclusive cruises have some extra costs involved. Some on-board charges that you are likely to incur include tips, drinks and internet (but turning off your phone and avoiding the internet is the best travel tip we can give you). Laundry shouldn’t have to be one of these expenses though, since you can wash and dry Anatomie’s travel clothing so easily!
  • When taking a cruise you usually have limited luggage space, and if you are planning on doing a lot of shopping then it might be helpful to pack an extra bag. Pack it into your luggage on your way there, and you can fill it up with all your new travel clothing and souvenirs that you have accumulated while on your journey. Another tip to help save space is an over-the-door organizer which you can hang over the bathroom or cabin door and store your toiletries, jewelry and other small items inside.
  • And space is not the only problem that you might have. Most cruise cabins have only a couple of electrical outlets, so be sure to bring a travel adapter just in case.

Hopefully these tips will keep you busy, prepared and your travel clothing well packed for your journey into the deep blue!